Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Guest Photographer - Natty Netsuwan

As you can see by her own description on Google+, Natty is a former engineer that turned into an accidental photographer.
If you see her pictures you will know that she enjoys a good meal and she is also able to capture that yummy scent in a picture. It makes you want to taste what she is having or what she is photographing.
Natty is active on Google+ and she is one of those photographers that truly know what a community is.
Visit Natty's profile on Google+.

PA: What drew you to photography?
NN: I started a food website and needed pictures to communicate to readers what the food looked like. In 1999, Nikon had CoolPix that was affordable and that was how I got started in digital photography.  I loved it so much I burnt out 5 or 6 cameras.

PA: What is your favorite type of photography?
NN: I love food photography and landscape photography.

PA: Do you have an artist that inspires you?
NN: Several photographers on G+ inspire me to go out there and have fun. Chatchai Rombix, Moon Lee, Nicholas Ong, Sumit Sen, just to name a few.

PA: Tell us a secret: what makes you mad when you are photographing?
NN: When I can’t get the right shot and I’m hungry. My subject (food) is smelling good but I can’t eat it yet.

PA: What is your dream location or subject to shoot?
NN: Some cool cave somewhere near the ocean.

PA: Make a wish (photography related)
NN: I would like to... have a closet full of lens and camera gadgets (picture Matrix when Neo went into the weapon stockroom).

Talking photography specific

PA: Select one photo from your gallery and let's talk about that.

PA: What inspired you to select this motif?
NN: This massaman curry picture was one of over 100 pictures of the dish that I took from 2 separate preparations. I tried many different compositions and containers to get this one that I like. I love the curves on the dishes and the red curry inside the dish that accentuated the curve.  Everything on the dish is natural and real.

PA: What gear did you use?
NN: Nikon D7000, with a 50mm lens.

PA: Care to share some EXIF details & setup environment?
NN: I use natural light, so the dish was set right by a big window. I stood on a chair to get top down view.
ISO: 100
Speed: 1/15 sec
Exposure: f 6.3
No cropping, No flash
Lens: 50mm f1.8

PA: Describe this photo. You can use only one word.
NN: Luscious
PA: Any tips for photographers that are trying to shoot the same genre?
NN: Food photography is fun and rewarding.  I learn a lot from having a fixed subject that won’t move and is simply beautiful just the way it is. The two variables are the light and the composition.  If you can be sensitive to the light, food photography is easy. I love the simple, natural truth in the subject: I rarely use a flash, I almost never tweak or adjust the food once it’s on the plate. For the most part, I find the food itself is so beautiful, so I aim to reduce the amount of external visual influences and props that detract from the subject.

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