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Anna Kirsten

My name is Anna and I live in the UK. My two specialities here on dA are digital art in the form of fractal fantasy scenes, and photography. When I am feeling strong enough to go out and about I love landscape photography, but I also enjoy macro and close-up work, with a particular fascination for refractions within liquid droplets. I got my first DSLR in February 2008 and like so many people, photographed just about anything and everything. It was a steep learning curb as I had to familiarise myself with the workings of my camera as well as learn about photographic composition, exposure and so on. The equipment I use can be seen on my profile page.


My name is Patrick, I live in France, Saint-Malo precisely.
I started photography at the age of 15 years in the last century.
I love all areas of photography (landscapes, nature, animals, birds, macro, street ...), but I am not a specialist in any particular domain.
I'm still learning, as I'm still very young!
I learn a lot by looking at the work of other photographers, amateur or professional, sharing with my friends, going out on the field. What I like in photography is the harmony of colors, depth of black and white, and especially the story told by a photo and emotions that emerge ...
Finally, I am proud to work with the team of Photo-Artists!


My name is Gregorius Suhartoyo. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Starting from nature photography then learning & trying about potrait & human interest.

I'm a motion graphic artist who accidentally in love with photography, because of taking pictures while on holiday that turned out to be decent photos. After that I have more interest in photography & my friend asked me to create DA account. So I've been on DA when I started taking pictures, almost 2 years ago.

I love basketball & I'm still playing too, to stay healthy.


My name is José Calheiros and I am from Lisbon, Portugal.
I am an architect that love photography, in special street one, because I like people and to observe the feelings, I like details and fell them, I like to look and see the stories behind.

I have been in DA for four years, and I have more or less 650 photos on my page, I won seven DD's, which makes me very happy, because it is a recognition of my work.
I have a lot of friends and watchers, and I made really friends in really life with people I met here.


My real name is Raquel and I live in Lisbon, Portugal.
I started photographing back in 2008 when a friend placed a Canon 350D in my hands just for the fun. I took his camera during the weekend and spent 2 days shooting every single thing I could find. Boring photos, bad composition, bad camera settings but something happened and I simply couldn't stop shooting.

Later I bought my own camera and well, you know the rest.
dA was the first place I've used to show my work and check the work of others. This was in April 2008. Days later I've also opened an account at RedBubble and I'm still there.
I work for an American company with offices around the world as a web designer. My hobbies are photography (and that is the main one), reading, playing video games, watching movies and stuff like that. I'm into gothic and black metal.
I have 3 mongrel dogs that were rescued (2 males and 1 female). Gotta love animals.


My name is Keld and I live in a small town in Denmark.
I'm mainly a nature photographer, striving to capture the unique beauty in animals, insects, flowers, plants, trees, landscapes and waterscapes.

I got my first camera when I was 12 years old and have been shooting ever since.
In the beginning mostly B&W film, but when I got a SLR camera around 1970, I gradually switched to colour slides.
After some years of extensive travelling in Africa, South-East Asia and Southern Europe, my trusted companion eventually gave up working, and it wasn't until five years ago I replaced it with a shinning new DSLR camera.
That got me seriously hooked on photography again, and the rest is now history, adequately documented in my dA gallery as well as on my personal website.


I am a photographer, I am for the most part a landscape and action shots kind of guy who plays around with HDR. However I am trying to learn the ways of becoming a good portrait photographer. I am by no means an expert, but I think I am an above average photographer. I have no intentions of taking this up as a career, but I have fun with it.

I have technically been on DA for 4 years, but I have only been active for about 1 of those years.

I have many hobbies. Obviously photography is one, others are almost any sport, longboarding, and many others.

I'm from Brooklyn, New York [New York City]


Hi Peug comes from my real name Paulo Eugénio and I live in Aveiro, Portugal.
I started to shoot more often since the day i bought my first DSLR in March 2008 and in April 27th of the same year I joined DA almost 3 years ago.
Since I'm a fabricator/welder, photography is my escape from the real world and from all the problems that it has and I mainly do scapes and all the beautiful things you can find in nature but time to time I love to do some street shots.

About me... I'm a self learner and I demand a lot from myself. It's the only way I have to achieve my personal goals.


I am a photographer specializing in urban and industrial decay.
My travels have led me to many forgotten places all over Europe.
I am originally from Germany, but currently I am living in Vienna, Austria.


My name is Omran AlShamsi, and I am from the UAE. I study Computer engineering and I am interested in programming. I am a photographer and I especially love nature and architecture. I started photography in 2004, and I am glad I still enjoy it. I have a Nikon D80 and a few lenses. I love wide-angle lenses.

I also love football (soccer) and Real Madrid, and I play video games (PS3).


My real name is Marie-Agnès, I am more known by the name of Yukka or Yukkabelle on the web community.
I was born in France, but live in Quebec for 24 years now.
I had my first camera at the age of 12, and already loved to create sceneries and decorums. At the age of 15 I took courses on the side about photography and film development and I was a member of a photographers group for years.

At the age of 20 I started being a model, I did fashion shows, photos shooting and publicities. But I never stopped taking pictures. I did many weddings but I don't any more...too stressful for me.
I am a very lonely person, in the sense that I love to be alone without humans around. I share my life with my ferrets and cats. All my love and affection go to them especially to my ferrets who are affective dependent as I am for them. We are bonded ... for life ! They are my oxygen...
I am working as supervisor in a store, nothing to do with art.

I have my own little studio. I have plenty backdrops, I still love decorums People ask me to take portraits of their pets, which I love to do. Ferrets Rescues contact me often asking for donation of my photos to put them on bidding and raffles. Always make me feel happy that hey can earn money with this.


My name is Jean-Claude aka ZerberuZ i'm from a small industrial city in Luxembourg.
I started to with photography at the age of around 19. Mostly the kind of "tourist i have no clue what i am doing pictures".
I had to stop taking pictures, due to work, studying and family for some years, but restarted in 2009 or was it 2008 ? don't even remember, when buying my first digital SLR.
I got addicted again to that wonderful hobby.
Beside jumping through abandoned and decaying buildings, i'm doing urban and street photography.
I know that i still have to learn and improve i sometimes experiment with portrait and fine-art photography.