About PhotoArtists

General introduction

PhotoArtists is a group open to:
  • Amateur photographers that show skills, progression and vision
  • Conceptual photographers
  • Pro Photographers
  • "Top-of-the-Game" Digital and Traditional Artists
We do not accept membership requests from models. We only accept photographers, digital and traditional artists.

Before you request joining this group we kindly ask you to look at the guidelines and make sure that your work corresponds to what we are looking for.
Beginners are more than welcome to watch the group or contact us for help.

2 votes are needed for new members to be accepted in the group.
We reserve the right to decline your membership if more than 50% of your gallery doesn't meet our standards.

Main Guidelines

  • Please do not submit photos that are out-of-focus, blurred or too dark to see details.
  • HDR submissions are left to the Admins consideration but we recommend you not to submit heavily processed HDR photos that look absolutely fake.
  • Nude photos must be of extreme high-quality and good taste;
  • Snapshots of people, family festivities, random friend’s gatherings, etc will be declined;
  • Please try to get your horizons as straight as you can. We do not accept photos with sloppy horizons, especially in landscapes or waterscapes;
  • No violence towards animals or people.
  • No display of guns (we reserve the right to accept swords or similar if the display is artistic and non-violent).
  • No racist art or any other type of art that can represent prejudice towards race/religion/gender/beliefs, etc.
  • Concepts about suicide can be declined by the staff.
  • We do not accept photos of dead or injured animals;
  • Make sure that you submit only your own work, and submit it to the correct gallery. We reserve the right to decline the images if this rule is not met;
  • Please do not submit eye photos or eye manipulations and/or human macros.
  • Although we accept works that contain the dA watermark we reserve the right to decline works where we feel that the watermark is too intrusive.
  • Digital works containing images taken from the web (such as images with celebrities, cartoons or similar) will be rejected. Those images are copyrighted and unless you have written permission to use them, you are in copyright violation.
  • We do not accept dolls and figures photography.
  • Horror and gore photography or other works that contain strong graphical images can be declined by the admins.
  • Do not submit photographs that use strong textures and distract from the main subject.
  • Images must have at least 650px on their longest side.

Specific requirements for cell phone photos

  • Must have good composition
  • Must have good post-processing
  • At least a part of the photo should be in focus
  • Pixelated images will not be accepted
  • Photos cannot have textures that take away the attention from the main subject

What are "snapshot" like photos to us

Usually snapshots are defined by the use of a small hand-held camera. For us this is not all. A snapshot is a photo that you take with your friends, a shot that you take to that particular pretty girl, but doesn't really show any effort on composition, light and camera tricks... it's just a snapshot. The same applies to other subjects... the photo you take to your cat under a chair or under the bed but it's not really focused because you didn't have the time to setup your camera.
These are the type of shots that we are trying to avoid in the group.

Feedback from the Staff

Although we may try our best to give you feedback on declined works, our time is limited.
If you want feedback from us, please send a note or leave a comment at the original submission message. Just remember that we will be honest about the declining reason.

NOTE: If your submission is rejected, please first check these guidelines; if you're still not sure, please use your submission process you received in your message center (to keep the links in order) to ask for a reason. Don't be discouraged by this though, try again, and submit something you feel is better or more appropriate. Please respect our decisions and try to understand the reasons for the declining and if we give any tips, that is just because we are trying to help you. Don't take it personally as we never like to decline a work.

Number of Submissions

Members: Can submit 1 work per week. 2 votes are required for your work to be accepted.
Contributors: Can submit 1 work per day. No votes are required.

Folders Description

Human-Glamour Shots: High-Fashion, Glamour, Commercial Photos with extreme high-quality.

Human: All people photos that transmit expressive feelings. The photo should be well composed and the main subject should be in focus and visible. The idea here is to show faces unless the concept of the photo is to have a person on its back.

Artistic Nudes: No soft porn allowed. High-quality works required. The main subject should be in focus and the shot has to contain some level of nudity.

Land-Water-Sky: Main subjects need to be in focus. No accidentally sloping horizons will be accepted in scenery shots.

Architecture-Urban-Rural: For architecture shots (buildings, monuments, etc). Photos of cityscapes, motorized vehicles that appear in a urban or rural context, rural environments, etc will be accepted in this gallery. Please avoid submitting photos of statues unless the quality if flawless and the subject interesting.

UrbanEx-The Abandoned: This Gallery is dedicated to Urban Exploration, abandoned buildings, everything abandoned only.

Animal World: All types of animals, domesticated or wild.
Please do not submit photos of dead, injured and/or deformed animals.
We know that it is Nature, but we reserve the right to decline and not have those pictures in our galleries.

Flowers-Plants-Trees: All types of flowers, plants and trees. Composition should be original, subject in focus, photo well though of.

Macro Wonders: Tiny little details. We require impeccable focus for works in this Gallery.

Digital-Traditional Art: High-quality works are required in order to be accepted in this Gallery.

Conceptual: For Conceptual Artworks, that transmits sensations and feelings.

Street and Journalism: For photography that contains random people in random places, spontaneous shots taken while the subject is not aware of it or journalism photos. Photography of buildings and urban will not be accepted in this gallery.

Cosplay: High-quality works are required in order to be accepted in this Gallery.

Film Photos-Analog Art: Film photography only.

Food and Drinks: Please submit only extremely well composed photos in this folder.

Transportation: All kinds of transportation shots: cars, bikes, plains, trains, etc.

Photos that do not fit any of the above Galleries will not be accepted in the group, even if they have good quality.


PhotoArtists will only accept affiliations from groups that display a good amount of activity and interaction with members.

Since we are trying to maintain a certain level of quality we will not accept affiliation requests from groups with less than 200 members.


We operate a zero tolerance policy towards disruptive and disrespectful behavior from anyone in this group, and anyone found wanting in this area will immediately be removed and blocked by the Administration. Anyone proven to be an art thief will be banned and blocked.

We reserve the right to remove images from our Galleries that do not match the above mentioned rules.


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